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Why Breast Augmentation is Popular in The Philippines

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The popularity of breast augmentation in the Philippines may be owed to the massive media advertising and promotion being enforced by the leading cosmetic surgery clinics based in the metropolitan area of the Philippines. It’s the same reason why many people have opened up to the idea and have come to embrace the concept of breast augmentation or any cosmetic surgery procedure for that matter. The concept becomes easily acceptable especially if the cosmetic surgeon have a good network of celebrity endorsers. And because the endorsers are celebrities, people have an accepting attitude towards the procedure.

But breast augmentation is a popular cosmetic surgery procedure performed not only by cosmetic surgeons in the Philippines but also by many other cosmetic surgeons around the world. It is popular in the Philippines because it is relatively cheaper than if one has to do it in a western country. The leading cosmetic surgery clinics are at par with the western countries’ clinics in terms of the latest and state-of-the-art surgical equipment and facilities. In addition, the Philippines play home to some of the best cosmetic surgeons in the world. Proof to this is the existence and operations of a huge number of surgical clinics offering the service in Metro Manila alone. This alone is a good indication that Filipino breast augmentation surgeons are sought-after and trusted by many Filipino women.

Another reason would be the fact that those desiring to have breast augmentation surgery are given implant options, which are price-based. While a variety of breast implants are available in the Philippines, most of them come from China, the Netherlands, France and Ireland. And depending on the budget limitations of the client, cosmetic surgeons recommend silicone gel implants from China which is the cheapest. This implant is usually chosen by patients who have budget restrictions. The middle-price range implants are the implants made by McGhan from Ireland, Mentor from Netherlands and Eurosilicone from France.


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With such options available, the patients can select the type of implant they want to have for their surgery, the location of the incision and placement of the implants. These information are all discussed by the cosmetic surgeon to the patient during the initial consultation. With the best cosmetic surgeon performing the procedure, the type of implant used may present no significant difference in terms of results achieved. There would be difference in appearance since the more expensive implants allow a more natural effect compared to the cheaper implant. But in the end, with the right cosmetic surgeon and meticulously executed procedure, there is no reason why a patient will not be satisfied with the results.

Like elsewhere and most cosmetic surgery procedures, breast augmentation surgery could be done as an inpatient or an outpatient surgery. This will depend on the procedure chosen by the patient and by the surgeon’s recommendation. In most cases, and to lower the costs, breast augmentation in the Philippines is done as an outpatient procedure where the patient goes home hours after the surgery with assistance. Other patients may opt for inpatient where they can stay in the clinic or hospital for a night or two to rest and be cared for.

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