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The Ultimate Guide to Summer Skin Food

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Sun-kissed skin gives you the blissful side of summer. Summer can make you lazy on taking care of your skin. But the worst of damage can occur to the skin in this time. Sunburn can make your summer a horrendous season. Besides the burn, you can get wrinkled and flaking skin, premature aging and even the possibility of skin cancer for long and unprotected sun exposure. It is vital to care for your skin by giving it the right summer skin food. Here is the ultimate guide to summer skin food.

Sun-Times of Caution

The sun has different times of intensity. There are times it is safe to be in and times when it is too intense to be in. The sun is at its most intense time between 10 AM and 3 PM; this is dependent on the latitude that one is in. You should find out the safest time of being in the sun for your particular area and work your activities into these times. While you cannot completely stay out of the sun in its most destructive time, you can carry yourself cautiously and try to limit the time outside.

Skin Products for the Summer

The skin needs to be protected from the sun’s UV rays. Certain skin products have been created primarily for this purpose. It is important to note that different products are tailored for different environments. Hot, humid climates affect the skin differently from hot, dry climates.

The right summer skin food in hot and humid climate is a gel cleanser that removes the oil and grime that has collated on your skin. The gel cleanser which is used every evening can be supplemented by a peel twice a week to open up the skin pores; this is in the case of acne. You are advised to wear a sport-oriented sunscreen that is oil free and sweat-proof to prevent it from sliding off in the humid environment.

Enhancements Cosmetic Surgery - The Ultimate Guide to Summer Skin Food

In hot and dry climate you benefit best from a mild cleanser that removes the flaking and dead skin. Use this cleanser twice a week for best results. Flaking is caused by the skin losing moisture to the dry environment. You can then use a protective serum on the skin that promotes collagen growth. Use the protective serum every night. Also, include a moisturizer sunscreen to help rehydrate the skin. Sunscreen comes in different strengths rated by SPF or Sun Protection Factor. A sunscreen lotion with an SPF of 15 equates to being able to stay in the sun for 150 minutes. Re-application should be done to maintain protection after this.

Nutrients to Keep a Healthy Summer Skin

Drinking water is an essential part of summer. You need to stay hydrated to keep your skin from drying and flaking. Water also works to rid your body of toxins, so drink it regularly between meals. This article about How To Have A Flawless Skin may also help you keep your skin glowing in the hot summer days.

Essential oils are necessary to keep your skin supple. Include nuts and fish in your summer skin food diet to get these oils. You also need the benefits of fruits and vegetables to get the required vitamins to your skin. They will come in a broad range during summer.

You may also be having sensitive facial skin as opposed to your body; this would require you get a specialized treatment for your face that caters to its specific needs, whether dryness or oiliness. Remember to be gentle with it and keep it shaded throughout summer.