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Tips For A Speedy Rhinoplasty Recovery

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Rhinoplasty is a surgery that is performed to reshape the nose. It is a process of making the nose either smaller or larger, changing the angle of the nose, altering the tip of the nose, repair defects on the nose. The results of a rhinoplasty surgery may be minor or significant depending on the desired correction and goal of the surgery. Ordinarily, rhinoplasty leaves permanent results except such a person suffers a future accident. Rhinoplasty is conducted only on a fully developed nose. Complete development of the nose usually occurs by the age of 17 or 18 in males and age 15 or 16 in females.

Activities to avoid after Rhinoplasty:

There are several activities to avoid after a rhinoplasty surgery. There is a certain postoperative care that is extremely crucial in ensuring that the nose recovers healthily in the shortest possible time without defeating the purpose of the surgery. The activities to avoid immediately after a rhinoplasty are as follows:

  1. Avoid Rigorous Activities:

Going to the gym and exercising should be avoided after the surgery for at least two months.

2. Avoid Blowing The Nose:

After a rhinoplasty surgery, avoid blowing the nose excessively. The tissues of the nose are susceptible during the first two weeks of operation and blowing the nose can irritate the tissues.

3. No Smoking:

It is important to avoid smoking within the first two to three weeks of a rhinoplasty surgery.

  1. Avoid excessive chewing:

After a rhinoplasty procedure, it is essential to avoid food that requires much chewing because it could delay the healing process.


Food to eat to aid the healing process:

There are particular foods recommended for a faster and better healing following a rhinoplasty surgery.  

  1. Beans

Beans are one of the most abundant sources of plant protein. Incorporating beans into your diet would aid the healing process.

  1. Eggs

Eggs are versatile sources of protein that you should incorporate into your dish immediately after rhinoplasty. Protein from eggs plays a substantial role in the healing of body tissues.

  1. Chicken

Chicken is another healthy source of protein that can aid the healing process after surgery. When shopping for chicken, buy the boneless type to avoid excessive chewing.

  1. Milk

Milk is highly recommended for people recovering from a rhinoplasty surgery.

  1. Protein Supplements

Protein Supplements are very rich in nutrients and easy to incorporate into meals. It is highly recommended for people recovering from a rhinoplasty surgery.

  1. Fruits

Fruits are rich in Vitamin C which is essential in recovery. Vitamin C aids in collagen formation and act as a tissue antioxidant. Fruits like Mango, Citrus fruits, and Kiwi are recommended.

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  1. Vitamin Supplements

Vitamin Supplements are reliable and stress-free ways to ingest a variety of vitamins needed to boost the immune system of the body against diseases and post surgery contamination.


How to clean and care for the nose after surgery

  1. Q-Tip and Hydrogen Peroxide:

A healthy way to clean the nose after rhinoplasty is to use Q-Tip and hydrogen peroxide. It should be used to remove dried blood and mucous. It is essential to be careful when cleaning the nose with a Q-Tip to avoid irritating nose tissues which are still tender.

  1. Saline Rinse:

Saline Rinse can be used to clean the nose after rhinoplasty. A saline solution is done by boiling salt in hot water. A saline rinse involves a process called nasal douching which means forcing water up the nostril to clean it.


The approximate healing period for Rhinoplasty

The average healing time for rhinoplasty is four weeks. However, it is advised that a person should refrain from routine activities for three months.