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“I had a breast augmentation two years ago at age of 21, i had it done through periareolar incision and there is no visible scars. I felt no pain during and after the surgery and i was back to work after a week.. I recommend DR. Raynald Torres He’s the best! He helped me every step of the way! he answered and explained all of my questions in front of my mom. I wouldn’t recommend any other doctor he’s so professional! All of his staff are accommodating,friendly and supportive. and now I’m so happy with the result they look amazing and natural! I went from an A cup to a small C. He did an excellent job and i know i made a right choice by choosing DR. R. Torres.”

Irene Page

“I am really happy with the job Dr. Raynald Torres did on me. When I returned to Australia, my husband, children and grandchildren did not even notice I had surgery; and when I got back to work, my workmates just commented “You’re looking very refreshed; you must have had a great holiday.”

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR A FANTASTIC JOB Dr. Raynald! Being a Quality Manager by profession, I will give you 5 stars for Customer Service and another 5 stars for Quality in Operations!”

Andrea Melissa Florante

I am very happy with the treatment and how I got to know everything about the procedure in the course of the surgeon’s discussion with me. I’d say the price is very reasonable in terms of the outcome which brings long-term happiness. The doctors and staff are very friendly and professional. I would most definitely recommend to all my friends and family members.

Elena Baez

“After so many bad nose jobs from other doctors, I’m glad I found Dr. Raynald Torres. He took care of the bad work and made sure it will not show. He finally did it right and I am so happy with the results. I’ll definitely recommend him to my friend.”

Zee Torres

“Enhancements Cosmetic Surgery will make you feel confident about making the decision. They are very knowledgeable and are absolutely experts in this field.”

Christopher Co

“When I came to see Dr Torres for a consult, I was apprehensive about the procedure. But that changed when Dr Torres started explaining everything I need to know about the procedure. Dr Raynald Torres is well-versed in his field and a very cool guy. I was pleased with how he painstakingly discussed the pros and cons of the procedure and I just felt better after my treatment. I would certainly recommend Enhancements Cosmetic Surgery Alabang to my relatives abroad.”


Marketing and events practitioner

“The best part of going through a cosmetic surgery procedure is knowing every little detail possible. At Enhancements, their procedures are well-explained. You feel better after your consultation. I am pleased with the changes.”



“Most of the apprehension in cosmetic surgery stems from not knowing what to expect. My surgeon patiently answered my questions before I finally decided. And I couldn’t be happier with my decision.”



“Most of my lifetime, I have been contemplating on some changes I wanted to make on how I look, especially my face. I am not ugly but my facial features just didn’t complement my personality. The surgeon showed me some of the options he can do – which features of my face can be complemented by the rhinoplasty. I am just so happy I did have that consultation with Dr. Torres. Now, all my friends said I look great, and the best thing of all, they could not really pinpoint what I had done with my face that changed my aura.”


Bank teller

“Cosmetic surgery isn’t one of the things included in my plans. I haven’t been keen on that at all, owing to the many unpleasant and bad cases that flooded the local news and the internet. What made me reconsider was Dr. Raynald Torres’ patient and detailed explanation of the procedure and it got me to understand why some cases went bad. It was a big decision for me, but it was the best decision I have made in my life! Now I am happy with how I look and I never experienced anything that wasn’t explained by my surgeon!”