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Summer Ready Beach Body

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Most times a person will get conscious of how they look like is when they have to expose themselves. You start to get more aware of your distended belly and your loose triceps when summer is around the corner. There is no need to worry for you can easily and quickly get a summer-ready beach body in three weeks. You only need to be disciplined in the healthy habits you form, and you will quickly get into shape for the beach. This is by eating properly and doing the right exercises daily.

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Effects of Eating Right

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Your body responds to what you feed it. It is said that you are what you eat. To get the beach body you desire, start eating foods that promote good health. You also need to eliminate foods and drink that are calorie laden as they become translated into fat for storage purposes. Start by removing foods then replace them with healthy foods.

Foods to Eliminate

You will need to get rid of foods that are rich in non-essential carbohydrates to get a summer-ready beach body. These foods include rice, bread, and pasta. They carry sugars that are fast turned into fat if not utilized. You also need to take out all junk food that you ingest as it is full of artificial sugars and unhealthy fats. Next, you need to rid your diet of unhealthy drinks like alcohol and carbonated drinks. These carry a lot of calories per serving.

Foods and Drinks to Appreciate

To get on the road to a summer ready beach body add on lean meats that have low protein content. These fill nicely without adding too many calories into your body. They include white meats like chicken and fish. Legumes like beans and green grams is another rich source of protein. The drinks of choice are water, natural juices, and shakes. Green tea, ginger tea, and black coffee are also great drinks that help detoxify the body. Water is an essential drink of choice as it enables you to promote your body’s health. Staying hydrated gives your muscles a healthy fullness while also keeping your stomach full in between meals.

The Right Exercises

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Eating right has to be complemented with the right exercises to get you the summer ready beach body you desire. Exercises vary widely in the results they will give you depending on the muscle group they target. There are three core activities you will need to incorporate into your daily routine. These are cardio exercises, muscle toning, and weight lifting.

Cardio Exercises

Your cardiovascular health is improved significantly with cardio exercises. These are exercises that intensely burn calories while speeding up your metabolism. These activities include jogging, cycling, and swimming. Other cardio exercises that are fun to do are dancing and Zumba which offers excellent benefits. Add 20 minutes of these exercises at least three times a day in variation. Variety makes it fun while also making your body anticipate what is out of the normal.

Muscle Toning and Weight Lifting

The body responds differently to different forms of weight training. The body burns calories in cardio exercises, but it needs to be shaped. Muscle toning involves giving form to the various muscle groups. Depending on your need either by your gender or preference, you can tone the biceps, triceps, upper and lower back, as well as your forearms. Toning gives form but does not bulk up. It involves doing many fast repetitions of the same exercise with light weights. Preferable weights for toning range is between two to ten pounds.

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Weightlifting uses heavy weights, involves few repetitions and bulks up muscles. As a man, weightlifting is beneficial in giving you good form. Do 30 minutes of these exercises at least three times a day. It is advisable to alternate cardio exercises with muscle toning and weight lifting.

Energizing Your Body Post-Workout

Strawberry and banana smoothie with oatmeal - Enhancements Cosmetic Surgery

Your body requires being rejuvenated after your workout to repair itself and build muscle to get you a toned body. The rejuvenation requires a nutrient-rich injection, and shakes are one of the fastest ways to get these macronutrients. Carbohydrates form a solid intake for renewal of the energy lost while vitamins repair the broken down tissue. Proteins work to generate muscle. If nutrients are not ingested shortly after the workout, the muscles end up being broken down for energy. A good shake is one that replenishes you of what your body needs at the time.

A vegetable and fruit shake comprising of orange, kale, and spirulina is the perfect balance of vitamin replenishing nutrients with some proteins for those cardio workouts that burn a lot of calories and demand repair. If you are looking to build muscle, then a protein-rich shake does the trick. A papaya, ginger, yogurt shake gives you the required protein and calcium intake. The ginger and papaya act as anti-inflammatory agents. For an easy to make shake go for an easy to ingest banana-oat protein shake. The bananas get easily digested for energy while the oats with a dash of peanut butter offer a dose of fiber and protein for a healthy and delicious after workout treat.

If you keep up eating healthy and working out right, you should be well toned in three weeks to get a summer-ready beach body. Be consistent, making an everyday routine of these practical steps and pace yourself healthily. Add muscle toning to cardio after about five days, then add on weight lifting in the third week. Remember to have at least one or two days of rest in the week where you only dance or take a hike.