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How Smoking Ruins Your Physical Appearance

· Dermatology, Health Tips · Comments Off on How Smoking Ruins Your Physical Appearance

If you have been smoking for some time, you probably have discovered changes in your physical appearance. If you have yet noticed any changes in your looks, perhaps you need to look closely to see how have smoking damaged your physical appearance.

It may take some time before physical changes manifest, but looking keenly on your physique will help you determine the extent of damage of smoking. Here are some of the ways smoking ruins your physical appearance and health in general.

Dull skin

One of the visible signs that show smoking has ruined your health is a dull skin. What smoking does, in this case, is that it depletes vitamin C and other nutrients that help in the repair and protection of the damaged skin. Dull skin can easily break because the skin has lost its elasticity; this could mean less protection from infection that could enter your body.

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Nicotine, which is in plenty in cigarettes, prevents seamless blood flow, and the smoke from the cigarettes contains carbon monoxide that forces the displacement of oxygen in your skin. When all these processes combine, the result you get is unnaturally dull skin, often dry and gray with lackluster.

Makes you look older than your age

Take some time to observe some smokers, and you will notice that fine lines are too common among smokers. The visibility of fine lines at an early age is because of the puckering as they inhale.

The nicotine in cigarettes weakens your skin, thereby resulting in premature wrinkles. These wrinkles could be found anywhere on your skin, so for someone who has been smoking for an extended period; there could be a few areas affected, which makes one look older and exhausted.

Icky teeth and breath

Pearly whites are everybody’s dream. However, if you love smoking, this might be a farfetched dream that may never come true. Nicotine in cigarettes stains your teeth, and this could mean an additional cost of getting them fixed.

Nicotine does not only stain the teeth, but it also leaves a foul smell. Having fresh breath boosts someone’s confidence, and confidence could diminish because of your nicotine addiction.

Stained yellow fingers  

Besides staining your teeth, nicotine will also stain your fingers and nails. There are many remedies available online that claim to eliminate these stains, but this is not guaranteed as long as you continue smoking. It makes more sense just to quit.

Poor wound healing

Different studies have established that smokers have challenges healing wounds after surgeries. If for instance there’s a need for you to undergo surgery, wound healing might not be as fast as compared to nonsmokers.

Can quitting smoking help restore my damaged physical appearance?

Sure, this could help you regain some of your physical appearances; that is if you are keen to stop before it is too late. However, don’t be discouraged if you have been smoking for an extended period. You could as well regain your good health if you are focused on adhering to rehabilitation and treatment that will help get rid of the chemical deposits you got while smoking.

These are just a few of the many effects of smoking that could affect your physical appearance. Smoking does not only affect you physically, but it can also affect your health. Skin cancer, throat cancer, emphysema, and lung cancer are just a few of the ailments that are caused by smoking.

Quitting smoking is not an easy process; it takes a lot of discipline, strong will, and perseverance to stop. A good support group and a hand from health professionals also add up to the success of quitting.