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Nose Lift in the Philippines

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In the Philippines, cosmetic surgery has come a long way. Most of the people have embraced the innovative ways of self-enhancement and considered most of the cosmetic surgery procedures as essential part of building up self-image and confidence. Procedures like rhinoplasty or nose lift Philippines cosmetic surgeons specialize in is one of the most availed cosmetic services in the country.

Rhinoplasty or plastic surgery of the nose is often thought of as a nose lift or a nose reduction. Rhinoplasty may involve nasal bridge augmentation or reduction, nasal tip augmentation or reduction and alarplasty. Each of this procedure may be done singly or in combination, depending on the facial features of the patient.

Like in other Asian countries, the more commonly required nose job by the patients in the Philippines is a nose lift or nose augmentation. This is due to the fact that most of the Filipino patients have a low nasal bridge, low and thick nasal tip and wide base of the nose. These features are common to Southeast Asian people. Hence, in order to have a “westernized”-looking nose, Asians usually require augmentation of the nose, or a nose lift.

The Nose lift Procedure

This procedure involves the placement of a bone graft, cartilage graft or silicone implants to get the required projection of the nasal tip. The procedure is performed in about one to two hours, done as an outpatient procedure, under local anesthesia, with or without sedation.

For rhinoplasty, Philippine surgeons use solid and perfectly custom-crafted silicone L-shaped implants in order to increase the nasal bridge height and to increase the nasal tip projection. The bend of the L forms the new tip. The cosmetic surgeon takes great care in creating the look and feel that is most suitable to the patient’s facial features in general. The ‘natural’ look is achieved by sculpting the silicone implant based on the patient’s shape of the face and other features.

Nose Lift -- Rhinoplasty Philippines

Expected Results from Nose lift

A patient may have high expectations on a nose lift job. The patient should consult with the cosmetic or plastic surgeon in order to discuss the realistic expectations one should have from the nose job. It is best that the cosmetic surgeon gives a visual rendering of how the patient will expectedly look like after the procedure. The cosmetic surgeon must clearly demonstrate to the patient the maximum height allowed depending on the person’s facial feature. Also, the maximum lift needed to stay visually appealing is important to be noted before the procedure.

A nose lift job is usually sought by patients in order to boost their self-confidence more than anything else. The results from a nose lift job should give the patient the new look that sits well with the overall appearance of the face. All cosmetic surgeons should aim to perform nose lift that is as natural-looking as possible and done properly without any complication.

Even the slightest alteration to the nose’s structure can make a big difference in how a person’s nose looks. Depending on the facial features of the patient, some nose lift jobs may require a second surgery to do some refinements on the new nose in relation to the patient’s facial features. If there is a need for a second surgery, the patient and surgeon should wait at least a year before any surgery will be possible and allowed. Over the course of one year, the new nose can undergo changes during this time. And the patient and the surgeon may no longer see the need for such follow-up surgery.

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