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Gore-tex vs. Silicone Implant for Rhinoplasty

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For some people, self-confidence is attributed to feeling good about one’s self. This means that one can feel good about himself/herself if he/she feels beautiful. Others may refer to it as vanity but for many, it’s nothing more than just feeling good about their physical attributes.

One of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures is rhinoplasty or nose surgery. This surgical procedure may involve nasal bridge augmentation or reduction where changes are made on the shape of the nose bridge; nasal tip augmentation reduction where changes are made on the shape of the tip or on the angle between nose and upper lip; and alar plasty which involves the reduction of the nasal base or narrows the span of the nostrils.

When the topic is about rhinoplasty, the usual question patients ask is what kind of implants can be used to achieve expected outcome. In the Philippines, there are two popular implants being used by cosmetic surgeons, they are Gore-tex implant or silicone implant. Your cosmetic surgeon will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using either implants in full detail and the decision is left to the patient. Here are some information on the said implants. 

Gore-tex vs Silicone -- Rhinoplasty Philippines

Silicone Implant

For many years in the past, most cosmetic surgeons particularly in the Philippines use solid silicone implants in their rhinoplasty procedures. However, silicone implant is made of synthetic material and it has received considerable criticisms for its high rejection rate and for giving un-natural nose appearance after the surgery. The following are some of the side effects of silicone implants which are the same reasons why it is not preferred to be used nowadays:

  • Silicone implant heals by encapsulation where the body’s natural reaction to a foreign body is to form a capsule around it. This encapsulation makes a loose attachment of the implant and any force exerted around the nasal area can mean malposition and deviation of the implant.
  • Due to the force exerted by the hard silastic silicone implant on the nasal tip, it causes pressure necrosis and a pig nose look which is the implant’s upward movement.
  • If the implant is not immediately removed, it may result into scar-like tissue on the nasal bridge making the appearance cosmetically unacceptable.
  • Implant extrusion is a common problem in silicone implants. Silicone erodes the soft tissue of least resistance which is the incision line.
  • An infected silicone implant could result in scarification and permanent deformity.
  • Some residual tissues create crevice-like scars on the nasal tip and bridge
  • Erosion of premaxilla or the palate bone may occur if the silicone implant is anchored deep into the septal spine.
  • Calcium crystals collect and cause the nasal bridge irregularity and in some cases were found to be pre-carcinogenic even many years after the surgery. Silicone implants are recommended to be changed every 20 years. 

Gore-tex Material for Rhinoplasty

Gore-tex Implant

Gore-tex is another implant material used in rhinoplasty. This implant has a high tissue compatibility and has a low complication rate which may involve swelling, infection and implant which is partially coming out. The following are the other advantages of Gore-tex implant:

  • Gore-tex provides natural appearance due to tissue compatibility and porous material component which allows the tissue to grow inside and become part of the nasal structure. In other words, it integrates itself into the nasal structure as naturally as possible.
  • Flexibility of the Gore-tex implant allows cosmetic surgeons to mold the implant into the desired shape, which silicone and other implant material cannot do.
  • This biocompatible material is ideal for the initial surgery and revision plastic surgery.
  • Gore-tex implant is ideal for patients who need to increase the size of their nose, particularly the nasal bridge.

Between silicone and Gore-tex implants, cosmetic surgeons prefer to use the Gore-tex implant for the primary reason that the implant gives a natural look on the nose done.

  • cecilia

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  • Enhancements Cosmetic Surgery

    Hello Cecilia, thank you for inquiring with us. We will send you the details on the email you provided.

  • imeeh libang

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    • Enhancements Cosmetic Surgery

      Hi Imeeh, we will send you the details on your Email.

  • pacita serrano

    How much is the goretex rhinoplasty including medicines? Is the operation being done at your clinic? thanks.

    • Enhancements Cosmetic Surgery

      Hello Pacita, thank you for inquiring. We will send you a detailed information to your email. Yes the operation is done at our clinic.

  • Felipe Buenaventura

    Hi, i’d like to know the total price of goretex rhinoplasty including medicines. Thank you.

  • Marcha

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    • Enhancements Cosmetic Surgery

      Hi Marcha, email will be sent to you. Thanks

  • jocelyn loyogoy

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    • Enhancements Cosmetic Surgery

      Hello Jocelyn, will send the details to your email. Thanks.

  • JB

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      Hello Jb, answer will be sent to the email you provided. Thanks.

  • Enhancements Cosmetic Surgery

    For further inquiries about the cost of Gore-tex Rhinoplasty surgery and other questions, please do use our contact form by clicking this link Thank you.

  • roneil

    please send me the details about this procedure including the rates and process. thanks

  • Michael

    i would like to inquire regarding the rhinoplasty or nonsurgical nose lift, how much does it cost?

    thank you

  • Paul

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    • Enhancements Cosmetic Surgery

      Thank you for your inquiry. We will send you an email.

  • Geir

    Hi, I have a low nasal bridge, round and bulbous nasal tip.

    And would prefer goretex implant for nasal bridge augmentation.

    How much price all in all under sedation? and/ or under local anesthesia?

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  • Martini

    i undergo for Gore tex Implant and i like the result, nobody notice i had a nose job…

    • Enhancements Cosmetic Surgery

      Hi Mark Adrian,

      Thank you for the comment and I am glad to hear that you liked the result. Using Gore-tex implants really makes a nose look natural and prohibits rejection. That’s the very reason why a lot of cosmetic surgeons in the Philippines and abroad prefers using Gore-tex rather than Silicone implants.

    • james

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    Hi Joanna
    Please use this link for your inquiry.

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    • Enhancements Cosmetic Surgery

      You may contact us regarding price inquiries trough:

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