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Can Cosmetic Surgery Improve Self-Esteem?

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When we discuss the effects of cosmetic surgery and its association to self-esteem, we see a direct correlation to a successful procedure. The source of their self-esteem derives from their impressions of how the result of the surgery should be. Their expectations can make a significant difference in how they feel after the procedure.

Overall, those who have had the surgery are happy with the procedure performed, but not everyone sees it the same. There is a gray area between self-esteem and results of cosmetic surgery. The variables alone associated with this study have their limitations.

Individuals who participate in the study are showing some positive nature making this diluted when it comes to its findings. The error is based on the bias of the interview. Another problem is that they only look into specific features of cosmetic surgery which can be a problem because of the bias on both sides of the study – the researcher and the research participant.

This correlation leads to a more profound truth about self-esteem and the individual and how they feel about themselves. The internal attributes of a person will determine if they will find the outcomes of cosmetic surgery to be beneficial or just another stepping stone to disappointment. The psychological nature of an individual will lay the path to how they will see their recovery.

For most, they find that the situation is just a physical problem that they want to alter. The psychology of the case would suggest having a well-balanced motive or are psychologically balanced.

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For those who may have other motives, such as broader issues that have an origin in psychology, and not their physical nature, will find that cosmetic surgery will never satisfy them with the results that they desire. In the end, they may see themselves going back to the surgeon several times because it is something mentally that they wish to change, and not physically.

When patients find that they are always unhappy with the results of their surgery, they may see that they are dealing with the psychological problem of body dysmorphic disorder or BDD. This issue is associated with the psychological nature of how a person perceives themselves when looking at their image.

This type of complication is a big problem associated with cosmetic surgery and must be addressed when a person is contemplating this kind of procedure. The irony of a person who suffers from this disorder is that the cure associated with cosmetic surgery only acerbates the situation, making it more difficult to find a real recovery.

In most cases, the outcome of cosmetic surgery is based upon some physical issues that must be corrected. This situation can also be medical, but carry with it an essential quality of self-esteem such as an automobile accident victim that is trying to get their life back in focus. The outcomes of cosmetic surgery in these cases can be most invigorating.

Regarding gender, the only marked difference is based upon the individual’s psychological nature. People who have had cosmetic surgery usually report that the outcome is a positive one, that is if the result is positive according to the standards they set.

Also, most men and women have cosmetic surgery that is performed in different parts of their bodies such as a breast augmentation for women. These two procedures can’t be compared when it comes to the satisfaction of cosmetic surgery when differentiating between the sexes unless it is considered a sex change, which is entirely a different situation.

In rare cases, sometimes the surgery is more of a problem, than a solution, this can lead to malpractice and other legal issues if the doctor is not a professional. This is also an essential condition when it comes to self-esteem and the results of cosmetic surgery. A good cosmetic surgeon with high expectations will make a world of a difference when the time comes to take off the bandages.

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