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11 Makeup Hacks Every Woman Should Know

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 11 Make Up Hacks That Every Woman Should Know

Make-up is a form of art, and your bare face is the canvas. Any form of cosmetic surgery will only improve the base, but how well you can apply make-up is what really makes a difference between plain Jane and Hollywood celebrity. That being said, any girl who puts on makeup at least once in a while might as well learn the tricks of the trade.

Know the tools you have at hand and master how to make the most of them. Even if you’re not fond of wearing makeup too often, having these tricks up your sleeve could come in handy for those special occasions when you really need it and have no time to learn it. Without further ado we present to you the 11 make-up hacks we think every woman should know.

Hack #1 – Revive shattered make-up

11 Make Up Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Don’t throw away pressed powder, blush, or eye shadow that’s been shattered to pieces. If the powder is still clean and only ‘broken’, pour a little bit of rubbing alcohol on the powder and mix it in with a clean popsicle stick. Make sure that there are no clumps and that the mix has a creamy consistency. Allow it to dry in open air. The alcohol will eventually evaporate, leaving your pressed powder almost as good as new!

Hack #2 – Reduce redness

11 Make Up Hacks Every Woman Should Know

If you have red or irritated spots on your face, reduce its redness by applying eye drops on the area.


Hack #3 – White eyeliner as primer

11 Make Up Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Eye primer is normally used as a base for eye shadow to help it last longer and for bolder colors, but is rather costly. If you don’t have eye primer, use white eyeliner over your lids as base instead. The color of any eye shadow you apply over it will instantly pop.


Hack #4 – Heat your eyelash curler

11 Make Up Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Heat is effective in taming hair, which is why a lot of hair styling tools like curling and flat irons use heat to shape the hair more effectively. The same goes for your eyelashes. Blow-dry metal eyelash curler to heat it up. Allow it to cool down a bit, then curl your lashes as normal. The heat will keep your lashes curled for a longer time.


Hack #5 – Heat your eyeliner

11 Make Up Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Hold the tip of your eyeliner over the flame of a lighter or a candle for a couple of seconds and let it cool. Test it out on your hand to check if it’s cool enough to swipe over your lid. A slightly melted eyeliner will be easier to apply and will create a cleaner, more vivid line.


Hack #6 – Preserve your mascara

11 Make Up Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Add a few drops of saline solution in a tube of drying mascara then mix with the wand to regain its consistency. As much as possible though don’t keep and use mascara for more than three months after you first open the tube.


Hack #7 – Use a lipstick brush

11 Make Up Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Apply your lipstick with a lipstick brush for a more matte and precise application.


Hack #8 – Perfect cupid’s bow

11 Make Up Hacks Every Woman Should Know

To make the perfect cupid’s bow, draw an X with your lipstick on your upper lip and then use that guideline to apply lipstick as you normally would.


Hack #9 – Longer lasting lipstick

11 Make Up Hacks Every Woman Should Know

For a longer-lasting lipstick, apply lipstick as you normally would. Press a tissue over your lips and lightly dust on some translucent powder over the tissue to set the lipstick without affecting the color.


Hack #10 – Make your own shade

11 Make Up Hacks Every Woman Should Know

If you can’t find the lip tint shade you want, make your own! Use an old spoon with powdered eye shadow of your choice and melt until it becomes liquid. Pour into a small container and mix with a little bit of Vaseline. Allow to cool and use like an ordinary lip balm.


Hack #11 – For plumper lips

11 Make Up Hacks Every Woman Should Know

For plumper-looking lips, apply white eyeliner at the center of your upper and lower lips. Blend it out. Apply your choice of lipstick as you normally would after.

There are lots of other make up hacks and tricks out there to try, but these basics the most useful. If there are other tips you want to share, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments section below!

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